Strategic Planning, Diversification and Increasing Product Basket

t-Butylation - a potential diversification

Increasing sales basket for an intermediate manufacturing company

Downstream processes for bromoaromatics

Downstream processes for acyl bromides

A second look at a Consulant Company Report on improving R&D of a manufacturing company

Acetaldehyde - a complemenatry product?

Phosphorus tribromide - its potential as a product

Formaldehyde - downstream products

Silicones from methyl bromide - project analysis

Aluminum trihydroxide - potential as a product from wastes

Chemicals for electronics - a diversification option?

Proposal of investment targets for a large investment company

Benzyl bromides and derivatives

Carbon disulfide products - a diversification option?

New uses for bromates

Intermediates Market Trends Worldwide and in Israel (For Neeman Institute, the Technion).

Formulations Market Trends Worldwide and in Israel (For Neeman Institute, the Technion).


Opinions and Project Analyses


Opinions on 600 R&D programs in the fields of Chemistry, Materials, Nano materials, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology - for the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Occupation

Opinions for the US-Israel Science and Technology Foundation (8-10 projects)

Opinions for the Ministry of Science (6 projects)

Development of a spectrofluorimeter - Opinion for a Technological Incubator

Synthetic routes for trichlosan - Opinion for a manufacturer

Development of a pervaporation membrane - Business plan

Project for super absorbent materials - Opinion for investors

Technology for gas separations by hollow fibers - Opinion for investors

Development of lubricants - Opinion for investors

A process for t-butyl benzaldehyde - Analysis

A process for 4-fluoro benzaldehyde - Analysis

Method for transfer of liquids - Opinion for a university

Method for transfer of solids - Opinion for a university

Feasibility of nitro reduction process - Opinion for a university

Reduction of carbonyls - Opinion for a university

Analysis of project basket - Opinion for a university

Feasibility of a process for conversion of potassium bicarbonate to carbonate

Novel process for nitridation of metals - Opinion for a university

Novel process for de-sulfurization of fuels - Opinion for a university

Porous monolitical columns - Opinion for a university

Formulations of optical switches - Opinion for a university

Project in Bio-informatics Opinion for an investment bank

A novel, biotechnological process for the production of ephedrine - Opinion for a university

Applications of improved Friedl Crafts processes - Opinion for a university

Extraction of useful materials from algae - Opinion for a university

A process for 1-Indanone - Opinion for a university


Market Reports


Commercialization of algae products - market report

Additives for soft drinks - a world study

Phase transfer catalysts - a world study

Stearic acid - a local study

Active packaging - a world study

Contrast agents - a world study

Intermediates trends worldwide and in Israel

Formulations - trends worldwide and in Israel


Industrial Hazard Review in Chemical Processes


Setup for working with cyanides

Grignard reactions - industrial aspects

Friedel Crafts reaction - alternative catalysts

The chemistry of N-Halogens - side products and safety risks

Zinc-Bromine battery - safety aspects

Stability of a halogenated biocide

Special routes for the production of potassium nitrate

Applicability of a process for the conversion of potassium bicarbonate to carbonate

Novel method for the transfer of a dangerous chemical

Accidents related to ammonium nitrate

How safe is MSDS?

R&D Organization and Accompanying

Plastics manufacturing company - effectiveness and efficiency of R&D

Seed manufacturing company - effectiveness and efficiency of R&D

Intermediate manufacturing company - membership in R&D committee

Manufacturing company of chemicals for food and cosmetics - accompanying of R&D

Manufacturing company of intermediates - criteria for selecting R&D projects

Membranes for separation of gases management of project

High purity fluoride salts for optical uses - management of project

A new generation of Sun-Screens - management of project

Problem solving of caking of solid fertilizer


Damage reduction in burnt bisphenol A

Detergent Israeli standards - revision

Verification of production process for a patent infringement debate

Antimicrobial active packaging project proposal

Male sexual dysfunction a new treatment project proposal

The Neighbor's Lawn is Greener Developments in Israel Chemical Industry (Globes 26.8.02)

The probability of the formation of a dangerous material Opinion for attorney's office

Exemplifying "theoretical" chemical issues in daily life for a textbook written by the Department of Science Education, the Hebrew University

Preservative for cosmetics Literature and patent survey

India - Impact on the Israeli Chemical Industry

Opinion on payment of royalties to the State of Israel